In March 2020, we suspended meetings. Because of the nature of the meetings and the community, we had planned to hold off on meetings until they could be in person again.

The situation continued much longer than initially anticipated.

As of early 2024, we have been searching for places to hold the meetings, as our previous locations do not seem to be available. We have had discussions among some of the long-time members of the group about online meetings. We do not know how this will impact what people get out of the meetings, but at this point it seems better to at least have meetings.

If anyone has connections or knows of a place that would welcome this sort of group, please reach out to me. We will also be at SoCalLinuxExpo this spring, getting feedback and hopefully arriving at some conclusions and a plan.

Welcome to the Linux User Group for the San Fernando Valley, in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

We usually meet every two weeks, every other Saturday. Meetings are currently usually held in the back room at Denny's in Northridge, on Tampa south of Nordhoff.

We meet in order to socialize with other Linux users, share knowledge, and talk about technology issues. Beginners and people of all ages are welcome!